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Chevrolet Volt to get Sci-Fi soundtrack

10/30/2008   [Original: Inside Line via Autoblog]
Category: Audio, Hybrids/Alternative, Green, Tech, Chevrolet, Humor

One of the concerns about today's electric and hybrid vehicles is that they don't make the same noises as internal-combustion-propelled conveyances. It seems customers have come to expect a certain sound when a vehicle starts or is put into motion, and electric motors just can't compare to ICEs. GM has decided to add a soundtrack to its upcoming Chevy Volt to remedy that situation. Rather than plugging in the melodic symphony of the ZR1's LS9, however, they think the car deserves something a bit more space-age to go along with its high-tech hardware, and apparently there are some Trekkies at GM HQ. While we doubt they'll actually license the sound effects from the the Kirk and Spock franchise, E-Flex vehicle line executive, Frank Weber thinks the Volt should make sounds similar to when "you hear the doors close, or use the transporter," on the USS Enterprise. So it's official. The Prius' place in the geek hierarchy has been eclipsed by the Volt.

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